You’ve just learnt the best hair oils that are designed to treat strands. However, before you start applying an oil to hair and the scalp, you should know how to do it the right way so as not to damage the strands any further. It’s advised to know at least a few methods of Oil Hair Treatment and choose the one that suits you best.

The article placed below describes a few methods of Oil Hair Treatment, including the scalp. It advises how to apply the oils so as to take the most from the procedure.

Oil Hair Treatment is the name of the procedure that simply depends on applying a natural oil or a special blend of natural oils to hair and the scalp. In other words, to perform the treatment you can use either one natural oil (available in natural cosmetic shops), yet it’s advised to reach for the blends of carefully chosen oils that many cosmetic brands produce.

Oil Hair Treatment Can Have Various Forms

The most important thing about the procedure is the oil coating not only the hair but also the scalp. Only in this way, you give the oil opportunity to nourish and regenerate the place where the beauty of hair begins (and also ends). Oil Hair and Scalp Treatment can be performed in a few methods mentioned below:

1. Applying Oil to Dry Hair and Scalp – this is one of the best method of Oil Hair Treatment. It’s performed before hair washing by applying an oil to the scalp and to the entire length of hair. It’s important to have the hair and scalp clean, not overburdened by the styling cosmetics (these create a coat that impedes the oil’s molecules from penetrating into the hair and the scalp). Such a procedure starts with applying an oil to the scalp. It’s advised to divide the hair into sections and gradually put on the natural cosmetic to each of them. Once you finish coating the scalp, you can proceed with applying the oil to the hair. Basically, you should use no more than a table spoon of an oil for the single session. It’s highly advisable to massage the head coated with the oil so as to stimulate blood circulation and help the nourishing substances get deep into the scalp and hair bulbs. It’s also worth pointing out that natural oils like warmth, therefore, it’s suggested wrapping the hair with a warm towel.

It’s also worth pointing out that this method can also be divided into two sub-categories (time):

  • Long – the oil has to be left on hair and the scalp overnight or at least for a few hours and rinsed in the morning using a delicate shampoo.
  • Short – the oil has to be left on hair and the scalp for at least a half of an hour and maximally two hours. After that the oil has to be rinsed with a shampoo. The truth is, this method of Oil Hair Treatment is perfect for the beginners because it helps with stating whether a particular type of oil serves a certain hair kind.

2. Applying Oil to Damp Hair and Scalp – it’s a good option for those who use many hair styling products every day or whose hair is visibly damaged. Oil treatment applied to damp hair opens hair cuticles, therefore, it’s easier for the oil to penetrate hair and get inside the hair shaft. As a consequence, more substances are delivered to the inside of the hair.

Also, this method can be divided into two sub-categories:

  • Before Hair Washing – it depends on damping hair together with the scalp and applying the oil. Of course, you can do it with water or, which will bring even better results, a herbal infusion. You can use Common Horsetail, Nettle, Liquorice Root Extract, or Camomile. The oil has to sit at least 30 minutes but, naturally, you can leave the treatment overnight and wash the hair in the morning. This type of Oil Hair Treatment deeply nourishes hair and facilitates the oils getting inside the hair shafts. Damp, slightly risen cuticles absorb more of beneficial substances.
  • After Hair Washing – if your hair is degreased or coated with a thick layer of a hair spray, wash it precisely. Next, apply the oil to towelled hair. Let it sit for at least 15 minutes. Clean and damp hair will absorb precious substances faster and better. You can be also sure that during such a procedure your hair will absorb a greater amount of regenerative elements. At the end, the oil has to be removed from hair. So, repeat hair washing and apply a conditioner rich in natural caring substances.

3. Oil Hair Treatment with Bowl – this is a very swift form of treating hair with an oil. It’s worth doing the procedure when you don’t have time to spend with the oil on your hair. This type of hair oiling depends on combining a bowl of warm water with a chosen oil and, optionally, herbal infusion or aloe juice that moistens strands and the scalp. Remember not to overuse the amount of the oil so it can overburden the hair. Mix all the substances in a bowl and simply put your hair in this blend. It would be better if you managed to put your scalp there as well. After that, you have two options to choose. First, you can wash the hair, or you can leave the mixture on, wrap the hair in a towel and let it sit for a half of an hour.

Oil Hair Treatment. Which Gadgets Do You Need to Perform It Faster?

It’s obvious that in order to perform Oil Hair Treatment you need a natural oil that is selected with having its fatty acid content in mind.

Even more obvious is the fact that you need time to perform the procedure.

However, is that everything a decent recipe for Oil Hair Treatment should include? Are there any accessories that could make it easier and faster for us to perform Oil Hair Treatment? Naturally, there are such items!

Here is the list of the worth-buying gadgets that will facilitate performing Oil Hair Treatment:

  1. A DYE BRUSH OR A TOOTHBRUSH. If you have difficulties with spreading an oil all over the scalp evenly and if you are afraid of applying too much of the oil than a dye brush or a toothbrush are made just for you. Damp them with an oil and delicately coat the scalp along the sections. At the end, once the head is fully covered with the oil, give your scalp a delicate massage so as to stimulate blood circulation inside the skin and enhance the absorption of the oil. Moreover, Oil Hair Treatment accompanied by such gadgets will be efficient and hygienic.
  2. A WOODEN COMB OF WIDELY ARRANGED TEETH. First and foremost, it’s important for this gadget to be made of wood, not from plastic. Such a comb helps detangle hair before and after the treatment as well as evenly distribute the oil all over the hair. This kind of comb treats the scalp delicately. Thanks to a wooden com, you can be sure that you won’t irritate the scalp while giving it a massage with the aid of the very item.
  3. A BATH CAP. Indeed, this item doesn’t improve our attractiveness, yet it’s very practical. The bath cap put on oiled hair won’t only protect the surrounding from the spills but also it enables you to keep the hair in a warm environment. This, in turn, will facilitate all the substances of an oil to penetrate hair shafts faster and more intensively. Warmth is the key element of Oil Hair Treatment. The bath cap has to stay on the head during the entire session.
  4. A NATURAL AND GENTLE SHAMPOO. A SLS-free and SLES-free shampoo is fairly important because every other shampoo that is full of chemicals and parabens works comedogenic to hair and the scalp. Hair washing after finished session of Oil Hair Treatment should be gentle so as not to distort the action the oil has delivered and not to ruin what has been rebuilt. ‘Chemical’ shampoo distorts the natural processes that take place in the scalp. Obviously, this is beneficial neither for hair nor for the scalp. A good idea is to use a delicate baby shampoo as the final step in Oil Hair Treatment.
  5. A BOTTLE FEATURING AN ATOMISER. Here, you can use any bottle that has left after using up a cosmetic. It’ll facilitate applying the oil to your hair. If you’re a fan of hair mists, you can add a few drops of an oil to a nettle, common horsetail, or chamomile infusion and pour the mixture into the bottle featuring an atomiser. This is one of the most gentle, yet equally effective form of Oil Hair Treatment.

Good luck with Oil Hair Treatment!